The Saturna Island Lamb Barbeque has been an annual event since 1950. It was a small event  started as a means to use up some lambs that needed to be disposed of when the owner was leaving the island. The following year it was decided that the event should become an annual Dominion Day celebration. The school children got free tickets to celebrate the end of school. Since then, it has evolved into an annual event that supports the Community Club and all that the Community Club supports in the community. 

Originally held at Saturna Beach an alternated site had to be found when the property sold  and Hunter Field at Winter Cove (the ball park) became the BBQ’s new home. An agreement was reached with the then owners, B.C. Provincial Parks to hold the event which has grown over the years to become a major  event serving up to 1300 meals to visitors from all over the world! It is the main source of income for the Community Club in support of many community groups including the medical clinic. On July 1 each year, Winter Cove is filled with boats of all shapes and sizes from Canadian  and American destinations. BC Ferries transport hundreds car and foot visitors and the Bed and Breakfast facilities are filled to capacity. The BBQ is totally staffed with and supported by volunteers who generously give of their time, equipment, vehicles, boats (including fuel), talents and expertise to make the day a success.